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  • PU Hose

    110-VV09-PU Hose

    Application: Innovative PU spiral hoses, with a stretch ratio of 1:4 and 1:6. Meaning, a hose which is one meter long can be stretched to 4 or 6 meters by slightly pulling it. Thanks to the hose‘s springback properties, the stretch hose always returns to its original short length.
  • PU Hose

    111-VV07-PU Hose

    Construction: • Wall made of soft thermoplastic, high quality Polyurethane (TPU) (microbe and hydrolysis resistant) • Coated spring steel spiral welded to wall
  • PU Hose

    112-VV07-PU Hose

    Applications: Household vacuum cleaners, industrial extractor equipment, dust and fume extraction, medical technology, driers etc.
  • PP Hose

    402-VV07-PP Hose

    Applications: Cable protection, air ducting for medium pressure and vacuum, suction hose for chemical fumes, feeder hose for Vacu-Lift- Systems