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  • PU Hose

    166-VV02-PU Hose

    Features: Ether based PU wall, food grade, with antis hock rigid PVC spiral. Smooth inside, corrugated outside. Light, extremely resistant to abrasion and flexion, this hose features high mechanical properties.
  • PU Hose

    167-VV01-PU Hose

    Applications: Universal and abrasion-proof suction and transport hose, especially suitable: • for abrasive solids such as dust, powder, fibres, chips and granulates • for gaseous and liquid media
  • PU Hose

    168-VV02-PU Hose

    Application Fields: Suction and transportation of abrasive media such as powders, pellets, granulates, fibres, can be used for dedusting and industrial cleanings.
  • PU Hose

    169-VV07-PU Hose

    Applications: Cable protection and transport hose for machine-building and engineering applications. Colour: grey or transparent
  • PU Hose

    170-VV07-PU Hose

    Applications: Protective and transport hose for electrical and household appliance, suction hose for granular materials; special hose for medical applications etc.
  • PU Hose

    171-VV02-PU Hose

    Application fields: Suction and transportation of abrasive media such as pellets and granulates. Finds optimal application in the plastic and ceramic Industry.
  • PU Hose

    172-VV02-PU Hose

    Application: Medium suction of dry food such as grains, animal feed, sugar, flour.
  • PU Hose

    173-VV07-PU Hose

    Applications: Protective and transport hose for liquid, gaseous and powder materials. Colour: grey or transparent
  • 180-VV02-PU Hose-0

    180-VV02-PU Hose

    Applications: Ideal solution for suction and delivery of food powders like flours, light grains, freeze dried foodstuffs. For beverages with alcohol concentration up to 20%.