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  • 432-VV02-Hypalon/ Polyester Hose-0

    432-VV02-Hypalon/ Polyester Hose

    Application: For suction and delivery of chemical vapors and fumes up to 175┬░C. Suitable to be installed in narrow spaces and where spacial bending radius is required. See recommendations for technical suitability.
  • Hypalon Hose

    433-VV09-Hypalon Hose

    Description: Two-ply, highly flexible, very lightweight, vulcanized hose made of Hypalon®-coated glassfiber fabric. Hidden internal spring steel spiral and two external cords made of special yarn.
  • TPE Hose

    505-VV02-TPE Hose

    Application: For production, blending and pouring plants, with a concentrations up to 100%. The hose is usually connected with the common fittings for oils,like BSP and Cam lock. See recommendations for technical suitability