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  • 180-VV02-PU Hose-0

    180-VV02-PU Hose

    Applications: Ideal solution for suction and delivery of food powders like flours, light grains, freeze dried foodstuffs. For beverages with alcohol concentration up to 20%.
  • PU Hose

    191-VV02-PU Hose

    Applications: Suction and transport hose for the pharmaceutical and the food industry( pills and other granules, pharmaceutical solutions, food flours, drinks, wine, vinegar and spirits with max 20% alcohol content)
  • PU Hose

    192-VV02-PU Hose

    Application: Suction and delivery of powders and high abrasive granules. Ideal solution to convey pharmaceutical and cosmetic powders, pills, tablets of medicines; for food flours and grains, sugar, salt, dry fruit.